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Neelesh Swami

Associate Consultant
Technology 丨 Cyber Security 丨 Consulting
My Story

Neelesh has 7+ years of previous experience in the Telecom industry, mainly in customer service and customer relations. He currently recruits in the Technology area from Insurance, Finance, Internet technology, Telecom & Legal domains.

He is energetic and active, has good communication skills and analytical skills, and understands the essentials quickly, which makes him adapt to various industries and positions. He is successful in developing sustainable recruiting strategies based on goals and needs, and sourcing passive candidates by fully utilizing his unique strength in specialist knowledge, attention to detail, go the extra mile and maintaining communication with the candidates throughout the recruitment journey.

Neelesh lives with a family of 5, including a 10-year-old son, wife, and parents. He enjoys cooking and try different cuisines during his free time. He also loves to travel, explore new places, and play cricket.