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Tarek Boutouis

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My Story

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Weighing in at 165 pounds, in the green corner..it’s Tarek Boutouis!! 

A true fighter, Tarek has been practising Karate since age 10 and represented Canada at the 2015 World Open Tournament.

A lifelong martial artist, he proved his adaptable nature to step out of his comfort zone and became a professional kickboxer aged 26.  

His martial arts experience made him who he is today. Always looking for challenges, being resilient and striving for success. 

Tarek – “What I enjoy about recruiting is that we can facilitate the ‘job hunting’ process for candidates. It’s not easy, but we can be of great help. Whenever I speak with a candidate, I put myself in their position, shoes. Have empathy to have a better perspective of their situation.”

Fun fact: Tarek is addicted to cakes, cookies, and chocolate. (not before any combat of course..)