About Saachi

Cut the noise, talk the truth
For your best decision

Saachi Partners specialize in the placements of business critical hires with best talent in your direct competitors.

Many of our first conversations with the placement candidates begin with “I’m not looking for new opportunities right now, I’m very satisfied in my current company.”

“Saachi” means “truth” in ancient Sanskrit.
We are firm believers that we are all pursuing our own unique truth in what we do.
That we all strive for purpose and sense of fulfilment in our lives and career alike.

Our mission is to help people and organizations evolve through truth.
Truth is at the core of how we do, what we do.

  • Hiring manager seeking the perfect candidate who doesn’t exist, and losing out on the candidate that in hindsight was a strong fit
  • Talent acquisition partner rushing to close the position with the available talent, not the best talent — for time to fill is usually a part of the KPI’s —
  • Candidate missing on the opportunity that would accelerate their career, because the information wasn’t put forward in a way that spoke to the Candidate at a quick glance

These are sadly not uncommon situations, each situation a business risk. Our expertise is in mitigating these risks.

There is no value add, only added cost, if we are to
introduce the same candidates you could have direct sourced.

We are experts at bringing those candidates to table, who were not interested in the opportunity at first contact.
Relationships based on truth –not relationships simply based on time — is what enables us to influence and impact.

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Company Name
Saachi Partners Co., Ltd.
Head Office
Sunwat Watanabe Bldg.2F, 3-21-21 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 JAPAN
Representative Director Mithun Soni
10,000,000 JPY
Recruitment, Market Entry Consulting, HR Consulting
MUFG Bank, Shibuya Chuo Branch
Recruitment License No.