For Clients

Align expectations.
Influence for closing.

Saachi Partners specialize in closing business critical positions with
top talent in your direct competitors.


  • Find the on-point candidates
  • Convert them to application through putting into their context
  • Align and manage expectations of candidates / Talent Acquisition / Hiring Managers
  • Collaborate timely to anticipate and iron out any issues for closing

To close on the winning candidate against competing offers.

Large volume of our candidates are passive job seekers, many of them with dormant or no Linked In accounts.

Many of the first conversations with our placed candidates begin with
“I’m not looking for new opportunities right now, I’m very satisfied in my current company.”

Saachi’s in-house research center enables to map out target organizations, and establish two-way communication with candidates, regardless of their interest in the job market.

Our Candidates are introduced to you simply because they are a strong fit to your target profile
and are key players in the business.

The need to be heard, not just to be seen.

With powerful platforms like Linked In, companies no longer have to rely on recruitment agencies’ databases or manpower.

It has become significantly easier to reach out directly, to be seen, control the narratives,
increase touchpoints, and reduce recruitment cost.

The catch: So can every other company.

No replies, or polite replies that don’t provide any new insight into your next action to sway the candidate over, is not uncommon.

To be seen, is not the same as, to be heard.

Even a small negative experience can be the trigger to declined offers.
Yet, many of us are reluctant to share negative comments directly to the concerned party.

It’s impossible to damage control and turn around, if you don’t know about the damage in the first place.
In other situations, you might have the perfect applicant, but end up losing to a competing offer. If you had access to the candidate’s thoughts in real time on where you stand against internal and external offers, address any concern, align expectations, the outcome could be very different.

What / When / How / Who you communicate, can make all the difference in information divulged, and decisions made.

Each candidate is unique and resonates differently.

There is no magic formula in relationship building with candidates. It is the consistency in integrity,
in providing advice and guidance backed by real and up-to date information / data.

Being unafraid to push back, and provide honest feedback aligned with the candidate’s career goal, leads to trust.

Empathy, respect, active listening, and deep knowledge of the industry the recruiter is representing; these are all critical pieces in building trusting relationships.
Trusting relationships is at the core of why we succeed in bringing and closing on the winning candidate.

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