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Thank you very much for all of your great effort of this career moving. I am really appreciate to you. You have friendly talked and well detail to explained to Job contents, and tried to well explain about clients situation and always encourage well.
You gave me proper advice for interviews and good arrangement. And you are always trying to be no-above me.
My other experienced recruit guy is like, “Hey we are introducing your new life and good one, you must follow us and obey us, like that.” But you have done to me with deferent approach as I described.
This career moving, I cannot complete without your help. Thank you very much indeed.

Service ManagerMed Tech

Auston has a good personality and is a very professional consultant. He has always delivered accurate information and feedback in a timely manner, which has led me to success. Through this process, I became convinced that he was a trustworthy professional. I hope to rely on his advice for my future career development.

Head of Business DevelopmentMajor Global Diagnostics

Kamo-san has filled many of our critical senior level roles in the key business transformation phase for the company.
Whenever there is a business critical search that requires the best talent in the market, Kamo-san is easily my top choice. If the role requires delicate handling of information, or needs market reputation management, then Kamo-san is the only choice. Her candidates are always well informed and prepared, she knows exactly where the candidate stands so that we can close on the candidate.

Head of Talent AcquisitionMajor global pharmaceutical





Kamo-san is a very valuable recruitment partner. She knows the Japan market extremely well, does an excellent job at aligning and managing both the candidates’ and our expectations. She is easily my No.1 choice for those searches that requires winning top talent.

APAC TA Headmid-sized pharma

Saachi Partners' ability to bring in passive candidates has been incredible. On some positions we engage Saachi Partners from the get go, on other positions we engage them after our direct sourcing team has made the sourcing attempt. There were several occasions, Kamo-san had brought in those candidates that our TA had reached out to, but had declined to proceed. Fortunately for us, some of them have now joined the company. The fact that not only can she find the talent not in the job market, but also influence their action, is simply impressive.

TA Leadmajor global pharma

I have known Mithun for a few years now and it has been a great pleasure working with him. Mithun brings authenticity to his work, something that is absolutely required. Understanding the detailed needs of clients, listening carefully and asking the right questions are very important leadership qualities and he possesses all of them.
Mithun is also very empathetic with very high emotional intelligence. He has been an asset to the overall recruiting industry in Japan and I strongly feel that his contributions going forward is going to shape this industry. Mithun brings innovation and creativity to his work, which also helps his clients think differently.
I have had the pleasure to be on both sides of the table with Mithun and he has been a great advisor in helping me shape roles within my organization. I would like to strongly recommend Mithun as a great partner that can really help to share the talent in the overall organization end to end and not just one offs.

Executive Officer and Vice PresidentCustomer Care , Global Insurer

I have worked with Mithun for more than a decade, and I highly recommend him as a top IT recruiter from many different aspects. They are, not only his deep understanding of IT business and IT job market, but also willingness to see passion of candidates and ability to build trust/rapport both with job seekers and companies. I look forward to working with him again!!

Director of Data ScienceGlobal Insurer

Where do I begin? During my experience with Mithun as both the candidate and the employer it was clear Mithun can balance the need to do the right thing professionally while remaining humane, humble and focused on the outcome for all the parties. As the hiring manager, I could always be confident in the prequalification of the candidate; there was never a wasted interview. As a candidate, Mithun was always in my corner from the beginning through a long and desperately slow process. I highly recommend Mithun's professionalism and the emotional intelligence he brings to every interaction.

Chief Technology OfficerFast Growing Start up

Mithun is the best technical IT recruiter. He listens to feedback and thinks out of the box how to source the candidates. Very highly effective.

CTOFast Growing Start up

Let's face it; career moves can be extremely daunting. Misplaced expectations, fear of the unknown, not having the right intelligence can all be detrimental unless you have the right partner by your side.
Mithun has conclusively proved his ability to step into those shoes, for me and many others. A consummate professional with a high level of integrity, exceptional networks and keen insight, I have no hesitation in recommending Mithun if you're considering your future career move.

Executive Director, Industry Digital StrategyGlobal Technology Giant

Mithun is an excellent associate with a high degree of professionalism. Mithun understands the need of the position better than any of this competitor and gets the right candidate for the position. His open and honest communication is a great asset. And nevertheless, he proposed me to the position where I am now !!

AVP , Head of Digital EngineeringGlobal Insurer

Mithun is a fantastic person to work with and maintains the highest standards of professionalism. He knows his business and has an exceptional knowledge in his field of specialization. I recommend Mithun highly.

Vice President Information TechnologyGlobal Insurer

Soni-san is an amazing and very professional consultant. He can deliver on time and understands the needs and expectations.He has deep knowledge and understanding of the industry. It has been a great experience working with him. I highly recommend him for IT professional recruiting. He made a huge contribution to the company.

HRGaming Company Japan

If you need someone that you can count on with your future career move, he will be the best person for that job. Even though he is located in Japan, he still managed to follow up with the entire hiring process with me daily. I am glad that he helped me through my entire career move. Thanks Soni

Senior Solutions Architect, Healthcare and Public SectorCloud Service Giant

Mithun is truly a professional consultant. He listens to clients very well and knows what they are looking for. I enjoyed working with him because he has a great network, provides me with a good quality of information and helps me get the result on time.

IS Business PartnerGlobal Pharma