Market Entry

Japan Market Entry

If you are thinking about starting business operations in Japan, Saachi can provide you with an entire ecosystem of set up services, consulting and most importantly, execution.

Japan is a market so many companies would like to conquer, yet many struggle due to:

  • Identifying the talent with the right balance and communication skills to work for global start-ups and ventures
  • Difficulty in finding the right partners who understand local culture, society nuances and know international business practices
  • Lack of market knowledge
  • Inadequate information on Japanese administrative tasks which can be difficult to navigate

We listen, help, guide and put the wheels into motion for your business to flourish in Japan.

Saachi Partners’ core industries are Healthcare and Technology.
We have helped start-ups in BioTech, FinTech and InsureTech
hire country managers and other key positions to enter the market successfully.

How do we do this:

Understand your strategy and priorities.
First step is to have a meeting with one of our market entry specialists who will take the time to understand your business. Learn about your motivation to enter the Japanese market, and what kind of timeline we’re anticipating.

Calibrate and design the ultimate market entry.
We offer insight into market competitors, pit holes to watch out for and experience with past clients.

360° Execution.
Engagement: we offer full service from hiring and building your team ground up, to company registration to visa processes.