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Cattleya Sumbilon

Cyber Security
Cyber Security Sales & Marketing | Cyber Security Pre Sales & Post Sales | Cyber Security Engineers | Cyber Security Consultant | Red Team / Blue Team | IT Consulting Senior Manager, Director, Partner


My Story

Embarked on a dynamic path in recruitment five years ago, transitioning from a temp agency to an executive search firm. Initially unfamiliar with the industry, I encountered challenges that demanded perseverance, patience, and sheer hard work. However, through resilience, I not only survived but thrived, consistently delivering results.
The essence of my work lies in the profound reward of supporting clients while fostering impactful changes in individuals’ careers. Each success is a testament to lessons learned, challenges conquered, and continuous personal growth.
My focus extends beyond monetary gains. I aspire to be seen not merely as a recruiter but as someone committed to contributing to people’s professional journeys, effecting positive change in their lives. Despite a natural shyness, I thrive on connections and find joy in interacting with others. Oh, and I have an undeniable weakness for chocolates!
Fun fact: As a trilingual individual, I occasionally mix up languages, leading to humorous linguistic mishaps in conversations. Nonetheless, this only adds to the colorful tapestry of my interactions