Our Team

Damien Arthur 

Director – Legal, Compliance & IP
Pharmaceutical | CRO | Medical Device | Telecommunications |Automotive | Energy | Insurance | Financial Services | Asset Management | Law Firm | Consulting | IoT
General Counsel | Chief Legal Officer | In-house Legal Counsel | Legal Director | Legal Manager | Compliance Officer | Associate | Senior Associate | Partner


My Story

Damien, a seasoned legal recruiter and a qualified solicitor in England and Wales with two decades of experience, specializes in sourcing talent for both foreign and domestic firms in Tokyo. As one of the pioneering legal recruiters in the region, he established invaluable relationships with influential decision-makers early in his career.

Damien’s expertise and extensive network have positioned him as an indispensable resource for law firms and in-house clients. He remains consistently informed and adaptive, keeping abreast of economic and industry shifts, ensuring he remains at the forefront of industry transformations.

Beyond excelling as a legal recruiter, Damien’s proficiency extends to compliance recruitment. He has successfully executed numerous retained searches for asset managers and investment firms, with a laser focus on identifying compliance officers who possess the requisite expertise to meet the highest industry standards and government regulations.

What sets Damien apart is his remarkable ability to anticipate an organization’s future challenges, a skill cultivated over years in this dynamic market. He not only recognizes these challenges but also equips his clients to proactively address them.

A spiritual soul who finds serenity through meditation. This introspective practice complements Damien’s dynamic career, underscoring his holistic approach to life and work.