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Marvin Tayo

Candidate Partner


My Story

With over 13 years of navigating the recruitment rollercoaster, Marvin has become a maestro in the symphony of life sciences recruitment. From sourcing to screening and making the perfect match, he’s the conductor orchestrating success for both clients and candidates alike. With a knack for understanding the ins and outs of the Japan market, he’s your go-to guru for all things recruitment-related in the Land of the Rising Sun.
While Marvin may come across as a bit reserved, his attention to detail and unwavering determination to deliver stellar results speak volumes. He’s the secret sauce behind countless candidates landing their dream gigs at top-notch companies.
When he’s not playing matchmaker in the recruitment world, Marvin can be found tearing up the open road on his motorcycle or embarking on epic adventures. With a penchant for good food, sunny beaches, and exploring uncharted territory, Marvin’s zest for life knows no bounds.