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Masaki Souno

Green Finance & Investment / Manager
Financial Services| Real Estate | Renewable Energy
M&A| Investment | Asset Management |Project Management


My Story

Masaki is a global explorer who landed in the US during his teens and hustled behind the scenes, organizing entertainment galas worldwide.
In his twenties, he was the go-to agent for top athletes, leaving his mark in media and entertainment. But in 2016, he shook things up, diving into recruiting, specializing in finance.
From the nitty-gritty of Foreign securities to the hustle of Buy-side, Investment, and asset management, Masaki loves fields where change is constant. He’s all about understanding what makes top talent tick in each unique industry.
Driven to push boundaries in recruiting, Masaki’s found a new passion for camping, dialing back from his workaholic days.
Using his own career challenges, he reads between the lines of candidates’ aspirations, always learning and growing to meet clients’ needs pronto.