Our Team

Mike Pollard

Technology Practice Lead
Technology Companies including Software, Hardware, Cloud Platform Providers, Telecommunication and Networking, Technology Vendors, Consulting Companies, including Management Consulting Firms, System Integrators, etc.
APAC & Japan Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Consultants & Engineers, including Sales-focused and Professional Services-focused, and Customer-focused Support Engineers, Project Managers and Management Consultants
My Story

As a parent, Mike Pollard knows the value of clear expectations, communication, and win-win situations. He has a special talent for hearing people’s needs and identifying unique skillsets. Innovative technology has always inspired him, and he is proud to empower changemakers with the best new opportunities. Together, we can keep improving and change the world.

Mike grew up in California, and he is fluent in both English and Japanese. Before joining Saachi Partners, Mike cemented his role as a leader in the technology market at two top recruiting agencies in Tokyo. This obsession with technology bleeds into his personal life as well – you’ll often find Mike soldering and hacking outdated tech to create something new.

Part of his success hinges on his ability to keep things moving in the right direction. Sometimes the hiring process can stall, but Mike provides high-level support to keep everyone engaged and satisfied to the end.