Our Team

Mithun Soni

Founder, Managing Director
Technology | Insurtech | Fintech | Financial Services | Market Entry
Full coverage of Technology | Digital Transformation | Operational | Mid to Senior Leadership Roles Cross Industry | Country Manager | Operational Set Up and Business Execution


My Story

One of six children, Mithun definitely learned from an early age he had to speak up if he wanted something, but also learned the invaluable art of listening. It’s a skill honed over the years, listening to people’s challenges, concerns and vision. It’s this skill which has taken him through learning various languages on the multi-cultural streets of Birmingham, UK, where he worked as a not-so-skilled jeweller early in life, to life in Japan now, where he makes a livelihood, family and community.

Mithun believes that listening and building relationships, rather than networks, has been his own differentiator in this industry. Networks are the resumes in numbers, Relationships are understanding the characters and the drive behind them.

There are great platforms like LinkedIn, which can do a much better job than a man in curating and gathering information about a person. However, by listening, we are able to understand your motivation, what you hold dear and the values you want in your next company. Mithun genuinely loves recruiting, feels great reward in helping people find their next challenge, identifying growth opportunities and making a difference in their upwards career trajectory.