Our Team

Rohan Koli

Candidate Manager
Technology 丨 Legal 丨 Consulting


My Story

Rohan is an MBA holder and has worked for an executive search talent scout specializing in Information Technology & other sectors within Japan/Asia. He currently works for executive-level positions within both Japanese and International markets such as technology consulting, management consulting, cloud technologies, big data & search analytics, video games, and clean technologies.

Rohan is patient and persistent, carefully observes cultural fit/team balance, and matches the candidate’s priority value with corporate value. This allows him to recommend positions beyond what is written in the candidates’ CVs and skillsets.

He values evolution, kindness, hope, faith, creativity, and enjoys both indoor and outdoor hobbies. He loves cruising and long rides on vintage motorcycles, listening to songs/music of all kinds and painting (oil painting on canvas), and dreams to travel around the world one day.