Our Team

Taiki Chiba

Senior Consultant
Consulting Firm | Executive | IT Start-up | IT Vendor
Consulting (especially Senior Manager, Director, Managing Director, Partner) | Technology | PM | DX | ERP/SAP | UI/UX | CRM


My Story

Taiki has experience in recruiting mid to senior management positions for consulting firms. Always puts the candidate and the client first, and achieves the best result with close communication.
He often builds mid-to-long-term relationships with candidates, so that they can consult not only about the jobs for now, but also for the future. He has gained the reputation as a reliable career partner by listening to the concerns and anxieties of each candidate and introducing companies and projects that fit them.

Taiki Offers attentive support, such as resume writing and interviewing support for candidates with less experience changing jobs, or brushing up the resume, sharing information about the market, and arranging casual meetings with key persons for those who are used to the process.

He enjoys a variety of hobbies in his personal life, trying anything and everything that interests him. His latest hobby is dieting and K-POP. Meat (especially raw meat such as Korean yukhoe), ramen, and sweets are his favorites.