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William Blake

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General Counsel | Chief Legal Officer | In-house Legal Counsel | Legal Director | Legal Manager | Compliance Officer | Associate | Senior Associate | Partner


My Story

Not everyone has the discipline to plan ahead, prepare for transitions, and perform under pressure. William Blake does. With a background in music composition and advanced martial arts, William is always thinking about what comes next – both for candidates and clients.

In 2011, he made a conscious choice to transition into becoming a legal practice specialist. William’s focused, growth-oriented mindset allowed him to learn quickly and land four international clients during the first six months. After a decade of placing top legal and compliance counsel at companies around the world, his commitment to success is amplified by an extensive database.

William grew up in Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea, and Australia before settling in Tokyo, Japan. As a bilingual native English speaker, he believes in the value of conversation. William is always eager to support HR and hiring managers with information about the latest market trends and onboarding advice, but usually he’s the one listening. Active listening is to the key to lasting relationships, especially in the legal and compliance space.

William prefers to focus on three priority positions at a single time, and he fully commits to serving each role until it’s closed. With a deep understanding of each situation, William is uniquely qualified to fit all of the pieces together.